Rakeback is the process of getting a portion of the rake generated by a player back.

What is Rakeback

Rakeback is exactly what it sounds like; you receive a piece of your rake, back in the form of rakeback. You will earn a percentage of the rake that is taken from the pot that is assigned to you by the poker site. So as an example let’s say you are sitting at a table with a total of 10 players and the site takes $5 from the pot as rake. Since you were dealt a hand you are assigned $0.50 as your “Rake Generated”.

If you sign up for rakeback through an affiliate for let’s say 30% you will receive $0.15 back in the form or rakeback. That amount really adds up over time just image you play 1000 hands a night for 2 weeks straight. That comes out to $2,100 in rakeback just for playing.

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